legionnaires’ disease 4 people die in poland

Four people die from a legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Polandlegionnaires' disease

Four people have already died as a result of an epidemic of Legionnaire’s disease in Rzeszow, southeast Poland, a local hospital reported on Wednesday.

A 70-year-old guy with serious cancer and other underlying illnesses is the most recent victim.

According to Grzegorz Materna, director of the municipal hospital in Rzeszow, “the tests confirmed he had been infected with the bacteria.”

71 patients were admitted to hospitals with legionellosis infection, according to the local authorities.

To ascertain the cause of the contamination, which is still unknown, the Rzeszow authorities have summoned an urgent meeting.

Each of the four victims was elderly.

Pulmonary complications from legionellosis are more common in persons with weakened immune systems.

The first sample results will be revealed on Monday, according to local officials, who also announced further disinfection work and checks in the municipal water supply network.


Although it cannot be transmitted directly from one person to another and is not contagious, Legionnaire’s disease can grow in water and air conditioning systems.


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Treatment and Side Effects

Antibiotics are necessary for the treatment of legionnaires’ disease, and the majority of cases can be cured. After contracting Legionnaires’ disease, healthy people typically recover, but they frequently require hospital treatment.

The following are some potential effects of Legionnaires’ disease:

Dying from lung failure
One in ten individuals who contract Legionnaires’ disease will pass away as a result of illness-related complications.1 Out of every 4 people who contract Legionnaires’ disease while residing in a hospital facility will pass away.

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